Imbon Graves is the current monarch of Kingdom Baelhorn.

Appearance Edit

A sleek-bodied man with noble and soft facial features. Light brown hair, cut to shoulder length but most often in a neat bun (will let it down for feasts and festivals). Piercing green eyes. Royal dress.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Imbon was born to his mother PLACEHOLDER and father PLACEHOLDER in YEAR. FATHER died shortly after Imbon's birth, granting the throne to his uncle, Eldren Graves, to steward until he came of age.

He lived a quiet life in the castle, educated by the court tutors in all matters of history, mathematics, and arcana. He took a significant interest in sparring, fencing, and horseback riding at the behest of his ward PLACEHOLDER and he excelled greatly on the training grounds to take up the charge of Captain of the First Calvary of Baelhorn.

Military career Edit

In one of his first skirmishes as Captain, he saw a teenage ensign struck down by a stray goblin arrow and vowed to only fight as a means of protecting the innocent. He continued to serve in Baelhorn's military and reached the rank of General at the age of 27. Imbon led the First Army of Baelhorn as General during the Invasion of Torvette. The First Army was tasked by Eldren to protect the southern settlements of Baelhorn against raids by the armies of Torvette. During one such raid, Imbon was separated from his commanders by a Banishment [link] and upon returning to the Material Plane [link], he was reported to have "fire like the heart of a mountain in his eyes" as he "single-handedly butchered two and a half dozen Torvenes in a matter of seconds". He rescued an elf-woman, Neyle, who eventually went on to marry.

After many months of pursuit, Imbon's captured King Thrawn the Wicked of Torvette, ending the war.

Ascension to the throne Edit

Two months after the victory over Torvette, Imbon was crowned King of Baelhorn following the death of Eldren. For seven years, Imbon has focused much energy to preserve the delicate peace with Torvette.